timeblock® 4 WEEKS contains all the ingredients of the day and night care and packs all of these beneficial properties into a highly concentrated 24-hour treatment.

Paraben Free.  Sulphate Free. 

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What is it

4 WEEKS is a high-performance solution that replaces timeblock® DAY and timeblock® NIGHT over a recommended period of four weeks.

What it does

It accelerates the skin’s natural regeneration process while protecting it from everyday environmental aggressors.

Recommendation for usage

timeblock® 4 WEEKS is recommended as a primary course of treatment for over-nourished, tired and stressed skin, to help it regain its natural regenerative ability.

Repeating the treatment at the start of spring/autumn prepares the skin perfectly for the challenges of the new season. We also recommend using 4 WEEKS after long periods of travel, such as business trips, or after exposing your skin to the stressful effects of the elements, such as a beach or a skiing holiday.

The perfect combination of timeblock® ingredients allows skin to regain its youthful firmness and radiance. Revitalized and toned, skin is left feeling velvety soft and supple.

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