June 8, 2017

Natalie Chee, 38 Singapore

My mother, Mdm Loe has been taking Timeblock for 4 months after a friend’s recommendation.

I usually looked through the ingredients of all her supplements, ensuring that what she consume is safe for her as she has been fighting a war with fatigue and anxiety for a long time now.

She bought me a box of Timeblock when she was stocking up, after seeing her transformation such as skin radiance (no more dark eye rings, puffy face) and her high energy level even at 58 years old! I decided to try Timeblock myself.

I stopped all my other multivitamins to ensure a correct gauge of what works for me. I was feverish for 3 days at first and i persisted with Timeblock when my mother encouraged me to, it went away. I noticed that I slept like a baby at night now and during the day, i can work till 9pm and still feel good for supper and karaoke sessions.

My energy level has definitely been boosted beyond what i used to be.
The best part is its been 2 months now without bad menstrual cramps and blood clots!

I highly recommend Timeblock for all women out there!

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