May 30, 2017

Wayne Ong, 55 Singapore

I attended the anti-aging talk last year, the introduction of telomeres and aging was definitely new to me. I probably wouldn’t have tried Timeblock if it wasn’t for the aging panel test kit. When my results came back, I was surprised to see all the data that measured my telomere length. It covers an analysis of my diet, lifestyle balance, inflammation markers, DNA stability and epigenetic aging market. Apart from the first 3 analysis the rest was really foreign to me, but since I am not a big supporter of sheep stem cells I gave this a shot.

I am aware of inflammation and the damage it does to our cells, however, these are things that you can’t really tell unless there is some form of tracking. So I was surprised that after 6 months of Timeblock there really was a difference in my aging panel test kit results. I don’t think physically I felt a major effect apart from feeling more energized and mentally sharp and focussed but am thrilled that I can track my progress and use that as a benchmark.


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