Wheatgrass helps gray hair and makes for thicker hair. Chlorophyll and beta-carotene detoxify and cleanse the blood.

Green tea promotes brain function and protects against brain damage. Polyphenols stimulate the metabolism and slow the aging process in the DNA.

Tagetes improves vision and reduces the risk of developing an eye disease (for example, cataracts).

Tomatoes protect against vascular deposits, arteriosclerosis, heart attack and several types of cancer by trapping free radicals.

Barley grass protects against chronic diseases and helps against intestinal disorders, infections and joint pain.

Algae promote the excretion of toxins, harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

Shiitake mushrooms settle with its high vitamin D content of the calcium level in the bones and strengthen the immune system.

Grape seeds promote collagen production in the skin. Flavonoids act against venous disease, varicose veins and water retention.
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