Timeblock in the Media

Yahoo Singapore

“At the end of the trial, results showed an astounding 23% reversal in biological age of participants within 6 months.”

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The Business Times

“TimeBlock claims to be the first product in the world proven in human trials to reverse biological age significantly.”

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The New Paper

“Newly launched here, TimeBlock is a wholly organic plant extract-based breakthrough formulation developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Germany.”

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Asia One

“TimeBlock – Breakthrough Science-based ‘Elixir of Youth’ Proven To Reverse Biological Ageing Launches In Singapore”

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Vulcan Post

“The anti-ageing health benefits of TimeBlock include minimising the biological ageing process, supporting the cell repair process, vitalising the cells…”

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SME Magazine

“TimeBlock slows down the ageing process right where the process begins — in your DNA.”

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Go Asia

“Through the ground-breaking study, we have achieved significant advancement in the measurement and reversal of biological ageing in humans.”

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Morning Star

“TimeBlock is made up of concentrated natural plant-derived extracts such as green tea, wheatgrass, tomatoes…”

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