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DNA is a part of every body cell. It supplies animals and humans with all the genetic information they need to live.

DNA determines all physical aspects of a person; whether a person has black or blonde hair, blue or brown eyes, and how big or small they may be. It also plays a role in how a person’s immune system works in direct correlation with their age.

DNA is subject to epigenetic features that can be positively influenced.
Telomeres are the single-stranded ends of chromosomes. Telomeres are the structural elements of DNA which are responsible for their stability and health. With each cell division they become shorter, until a critical length is reached and the cell dies. The telomerase enzyme can compensate this reduction. The herbal ingredients in TIMEBLOCK positively affect the telomerase.

Hormonal Factors

Telomere shortening

Telomeres (1) Telomeres are repetitive portions of the genetic material (DNA) at the end of chromosomes (2).

They serve as a start-up sequence in cell division, but will not be renewed after use.

If telomeres no longer exist, the cell can no longer divide.
We cannot live without oxygen but oxygen in the form of “free radicals” can cause life-threatening diseases and promote premature aging.

“Free radicals” are produced as natural metabolic products permanently in our bodies and basically fulfill vital tasks.

However, environmental stress, nutritional deficiencies, physical or emotional stress, drugs and injuries can also lead to an uncontrolled production of free radicals. Self-regulation by the body is disrupted.

The excess and heavy concentration of free radical formation is called oxidative stress, which can be detected in the blood. The aggressively acting free radicals disrupt and destroy important functions and structures in the body such as cell membranes or DNA, which leads to diseases and the premature aging of our organism.

Nature has developed a self-defense mechanism against free radicals and they are called antioxidants. These include certain vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytochemicals. These agents react very quickly to the aggressive oxygen compounds and render them harmless. TIMEBLOCK contains a combination of several active ingredients that create a broad-spectrum antioxidant. With its unique Telomeric-Complex, it can counteract oxidative stress effectively.
When the concentration of free radicals exceeds the antioxidant capacity of the organism, it becomes oxidative stress where important cell structures are destroyed. A massive accumulation of free radicals can be found particularly in inflammatory processes such as arthritis and allergies as well as infections.
A milestone in the research of herbal anti-aging; in 2009, three scientists received the medical and physiology Noble Prize in this context. They examined how the end strands of chromosomes, called telomeres can be protected from the steady shortening by the enzyme telomerase.

Positive telomerase protects our DNA from environmental damage. The telomeres thus act preventively and help delay the biological aging process. The balancing effect of telomeres with anti-aging properties has been linked to numerous studies.

Hormonal Factors

Telomere Shortening

Telomeres (1) Telomeres are repetitive portions of the genetic material (DNA) at the end of chromosomes (2).

They serve as a start-up sequence in cell division, but will not be renewed after use.

If telomeres no longer exist, the cell can no longer divide

With the resulting Telomer-Complex, a scientifically proven solution has been found- pure herbal ingredients which work from the inside out. All plants, from which the valuable Telomer-Complex TIMEBLOCK is obtained, have a strong concentration of active ingredients, which is ten times higher than traditional raw materials. Due to special cultivation and production methods, the maximum power of this plant is used to counteract the aging process of the body in a completely natural way. The interaction of herbal ingredients is tailored to our day-night rhythm, ensuring optimal results.
Take 1 tablet daily of Telomer-Complex DAY® in the morning and 1 tablet Telomer-Complex NIGHT® in the evening with plenty of liquid before eating.

The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. It does not replace a varied diet.
In order to achieve optimal anti-aging results and to ensure the protection function of DNA, a continuous intake over a longer period of time is recommended.

Keep cool and dry and out of reach of children.

The recommended daily dosage must not be exceeded. Nutritional supplements should not be used as a substitute for a healthy diet. Keep out of reach of children.

Vegan · gluten-free · lactose-free · not genetically modified (IQCT certificate)  
TIME BLOCK is the ideal anti-aging and vital complex for individuals who want to actively do something for their beauty, vitality and health.
It is suitable for both women and men. Since the general aging of the body begins in the early thirties, we recommend starting with the use of TIMEBLOCK at an early stage for prevention and preservation. You will also benefit noticeably from the positive effects of TIMEBLOCK if you begin at a later age.