The power of pure plant nutrients works non-stop around the clock.

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Ingredients are selectively sourced and specially harvested using Swiss-technology.

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Renewing DNA at a cellular level

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Nutrients are specially tailored for each cell

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Specially Cultivated

The herbal ingredients used are specially cultivated under organic conditions at an elevation of more than 1,500m in selected regions all over the world. Deep, fertile soils with a low CO2 content in the air are an essential prerequisite for optimal herbal nutrients and microfauna with perfect pH values have an extremely positive effect on the harvest.

INSPIRED by NATURE rich nutrients

When observing birds in elevated green tea monocultures, one will often see how these birds cannot resist a culinary treat. They only peck the very ends of the young tender green tea leaves, and seem to intuitively know that this part is enriched with powerful substances. It is these leaf tips that comprise an important part of the TIMEBLOCK® formula.

Abundant active ingredients

A gentle freeze-drying process has been specially developed to maximise the accumulation of nutrients while also substantially reducing contamination. The time of the harvest is chosen with particular care – for example, the young leaf tips of green tea, which are especially rich in nutrients, are picked repeatedly over a period of weeks.

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